01-26-16 RADIO REPORT: Rep. Short says Human Rights Commission did disservice to transgenders (audio)

Legislator:  Rep. Shelly Short
Date Recorded: 01-26-16
Run Time:  :48
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SUGGESTED LEAD:  It has been a month since the Human Rights Commission announced its ruling on the open use of public restrooms by transgenders.  Lawmakers in Olympia, besieged by public complaint, will discuss legislation Wednesday.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

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Johnson:  Senate Bill 6443 would repeal the Human Rights Commission decision that has caused so much controversy.

At the capitol, many lawmakers say the concern is less about transgender’s use of public restrooms, and more about protecting all people across Washington from those who might exploit the ruling to commit crimes.

And Republican House member Shelly Short says the commission was out of order in how it made the ruling.

(Voice cut: Short-TRANSGENDER-CLIPA-012616 – Run time :12 seconds – Out cue: . . .transgender community.)

Short: “Any kind of rule making, no matter how sensitive the topic is, you have to give a transparent process for everybody to participate in.  I would say the Human Rights Commission did a disservice to the transgender community.”

Johnson: Short says the controversy over how the ruling was made–without proper procedures, put many transgender people in a spotlight they may not have been prepared for or wanted.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.

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