Update on businesses reopening and limiting the governor’s powers

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As we continue to anticipate what the things will look like in the near future, I know many parents are eagerly waiting for a time when kids will be back in the classroom.

At a news conference this week, Governor Inslee finally stated what we have been saying for months now……..we can begin reopening our schools with proper safety and hygiene precautions; the mixed messaging coming from many at the state level that has occurred over the last many months has been frustrating and counter-productive. I continue to have confidence in our local schools’ ability to make decisions that keep students, teachers, and staff as safe as possible.

One way we can offer consistency at the state level is by enacting Senate Bill 5037 – which I mentioned in my last newsletter. This bill would establish transparent metrics for reopening schools and allow for in-person learning in certain circumstances. I believe it is time for the legislature to pass this bill and get our students back in the classroom as quickly and as safely as possible.

I’m here for you!

As we continue working remotely this year, please remember that your participation in the legislative process is more important than ever to ensure that the legislature keeps “of the people” front and center in its decision-making. If there is anything I can do to help you participate, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by phone at (360) 786-7612 and by email at Shelly.Short@leg.wa.gov.


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