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February 07, 2020

Update from Olympia – week 4

Majority Democrats in the legislature aren’t listening to voters We have yet to hit the halfway point of the 60-day legislative session for 2020 and already, the Democratic majority in the Senate have approved additional taxes that are completely unnecessary. Do you remember seeing 12 advisory votes on your November...
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September 26, 2019

Alaska’s nonprofit hatcheries give us hope for Washington’s salmon runs

The following op-ed appeared in the Seattle Times and was published earlier in August. By Sen. Ann Rivers, Sen. Shelly Short, and Rep. Luanne Van Werven Special to The Times Imagine living in a state where the sea is overflowing with salmon, ensuring there are more than enough fish and...
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March 28, 2019

Short’s whitetail deer population bill passed in the Senate

OLYMPIA… Senate Bill 5525, which would expect the Department of Fish and Wildlife continue the consistent, effective methods it has used to count whitetail deer populations, was passed unanimously by the Senate March 5 and is now in the House of Representatives. Sen. Shelly Short, R-Addy, is the prime sponsor....
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March 26, 2019

Legislative Update: Mar. 25, 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbors, There has been so much legislative activity since my last update! We finished nonstop floor action in the Senate. As floor leader, I was intensely busy communicating with my Democratic colleagues and member requests on the floor, advocating for bills to be brought up for a vote...
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March 08, 2016

Rep. Short awarded Legislator of the Year by Hunters Heritage Council

Whether it’s managing our predators in a more efficient way or finding solutions to encourage the next generation of hunters, I’ll continue to work hard to make sure hunting continues to be a successful, viable option for those who want to participate."
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March 13, 2015

Rep. Short’s bill to study wolf impacts on ungulate populations passes state House

"A very specific part of the recovery plan states that the local ungulate population must be adequate to support the number of wolves in the plan, yet we don't know the impacts wolves have had to date. We have circumstantial and anecdotal evidence, but not hard scientific data. This bill...
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February 11, 2015

House unanimously approves Rep. Short’s bill to help keep local construction costs down

Currently, there are two designated climate zones in Washington, delineated between the Western and Eastern parts of the state. Short's bill would keep Northeast Washington from being designated its own climate zone.
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December 17, 2014

Rep. Shelly Short says low and middle income families hit the worst with governor’s new energy tax scheme

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 17, 2014 CONTACT: Brendon Wold, Deputy Communications Director – (253) 973-0505 (mobile) Rep. Shelly Short says low and middle income families hit the worst with governor’s new energy tax scheme Rep. Shelly Short, R-Addy, and ranking Republican on the House Environment Committee, took issue with Gov....
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March 14, 2014

Governor signs Short legislation requiring that certain state agencies ‘show their work’ when taking significant actions

Under legislation signed today by Gov. Jay Inslee, the Washington state departments of Ecology and Fish and Wildlife are now required to make public the sources of scientific information relied upon in support of significant actions.
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