Health & Long-term Care

May 15, 2020

Senate Republicans push back results in redrafting of emergency proclamation

As a result of the Senate Republicans’ refusal to extend an emergency proclamation that violated the individual’s right to due process, the proclamation has been scaled back and will be reissued by the governor. The new version of the proclamation no longer suspends statutes that require court hearings to be...
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April 02, 2019

Parental rights under attack in Olympia

The following op-ed appeared in the Omak-Okagonan Chronicle and was published March 30, 2019. To download the article, click on the below link:     Parental Rights Op-Ed    Parental rights under attack in Olympia By Sen. Shelly Short Special to the Omak-Okanogan Chronicle Parents are a child’s first teacher, guiding them throughout...
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April 02, 2019

Podcast: Senators Short and Rivers discuss new bills which could harm parental rights.

Senators Shelly Short and Ann Rivers discuss new bills in the legislature which could harm parental rights.
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March 29, 2019

Podcast: Senator Short discusses new revenue forecast for the state and focuses on helping pharmacies in new bill.

Senator Shelly Short discusses this week on her radio update the recent revenue forecast for the state, and a bill she is sponsoring which will help local pharmacies and their partnerships with pharamacy benefit managers.
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March 28, 2019

Short bill to ensure patients receive benefits they’re owed now in House

OLYMPIA… A proposal by Sen. Shelly Short to ensure access to health-care benefits is being considered by the House after receiving strong Senate approval. Senate Bill 5887 aims to ensure patients receive benefits for which they have already paid through their health plans. The proposal, which addresses concerns about prior...
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February 18, 2019

Podcast: Welcome to Washington Baby Act and Raising Tobacco Age to 21

Congratulations! You just had a baby. What’s that knock on the door? It’s a state inspector to make sure your home is suitable. Senator Shelly Short tells us about the “Welcome to Washington Baby Act.” And… Teenagers should not be able to buy cigarettes or other tobacco and vaping products...
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February 16, 2018

Legislative Update: Feb. 16, 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We are concluding the busiest week yet of the 2018 legislative session. Seven of the past eight days (including last Saturday morning) have been dedicated to “floor action.” This means being on the floor of the Senate chamber to debate and vote on bills. We had...
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February 14, 2018

Senate passes Short bill aimed at better access to health-care benefits

The Senate voted 42-4 to approve a bill introduced by Sen. Shelly Short that would help patients have access to the health-care benefits for which they have already paid for in their health plans. “This bill represents the culmination of nearly two years of work with insurance carriers, providers and...
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February 07, 2018

Legislative update: Feb. 7, 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We are at the halfway point of this year’s 60-day legislative session. If you think there aren’t many bills introduced just because it’s a “short session” this year, think again!  So far this year, there have been nearly 2,000 new bills in the Legislature (994 in...
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