Senate Republicans continue to call for a special session

Senate Republicans in the state Legislature are again asking the governor to call the legislature back into session due to the recent catastrophic outbreak of wildfires spreading across our state.

Sen. Shelly Short, Senate Republican floor leader, R-Addy, issued the following statement regarding a letter sent to the governor concerning RCW 42.14.030, which requires the governor to call the legislature into session as soon as practicable in the event of a “catastrophic incident.”

“Here is yet another significant issue that has come up this year affecting individuals and families in our communities and across our state… and we are still not in a special session. The legislature should have already addressed the financial fallout of the governor’s stay-home order. Now, with the latest outbreak of catastrophic wildfires, our local communities are in even more dire straits. Individuals and families have lost their homes, ranchers have lost pasture and livestock and the state has lost valuable food commodities as these fires ravage our state.

“Lawmakers should be in session addressing these catastrophic wildfires. One way to do that is by enacting SB 6195 which would create a Forest Health Protection Account to pay for the forest health activities as proposed by the Department of Natural Resources.

“We have repeatedly asked the governor to convene the legislature and will continue to do so. The time to act is now!”

The letter to the governor can be viewed here.