State House passes proposal to help hunters who are disabled veterans


March 14, 2013

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State House passes proposal to help hunters who are disabled veterans

Rep. Shelly Short, R-Addy,
wants to make it easier for veterans who’ve been disabled in the line of duty, and who are living outside the state, to hunt and fish here in Washington.  To do that, she’s introduced House Bill 1192 which she hopes will also make it less expensive for Washington’s disabled veterans to hunt and fish in other states.   “My bill would allow veterans with disabilities in other states to qualify for reduced hunting and fishing license fees here in Washington,” said Short.  “It would also encourage reciprocity – that is, it would encourage other states to offer the same discounted license fees to our state’s veterans.  We have veterans with disabilities that would like to hunt and fish in other states; and wounded veterans from other states that would like to participate in those activities here in Washington.  I think it’s the least we can do for those who have sacrificed so much for our country.”   Short said the idea for her bill was brought to her by a group of veterans from Ferry County.  She also said her proposal would provide a small measure of economic activity in her rural northeastern Washington legislative district.   “Here in the Seventh District, we have some of the best hunting and fishing opportunities in the entire northwest region,” said Short.  “We also have a high population of veterans – many of them who’ve become disabled while serving their country.  Making life a little easier for them, while at the same time spurring some local economic activity, is a win-win in my book.  I’m very thankful for the group of veterans from Ferry County that brought this issue to my attention and I’m honored to help shepherd this bill through the process.”   The ultimate goal, Short said, is to have other states adopt similar measures so that Washington’s disabled veterans qualify for reduced hunting and fishing licenses in other states.   “At the beginning, we were looking at working with other states collaboratively and trying to make each piece of legislation the same and have each implemented at the same time.  But this proved to be a monumental task,” said Short.  “In the end, we realized we needed to get the ball rolling here in our state.  Hopefully, our bill here in Washington will serve as a blueprint and I’ll continue working with other states to bring these opportunities forward for our veterans who’ve been wounded in the line of duty.”   Short’s bill was approved by a unanimous vote of her peers and was one of the last bills to pass the House before a legislative deadline on Wednesday, March 13.  It now goes before the state Senate for further consideration.   For more information, visit our Web site at:


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