Senate passes Economic Revitalization Act to boost rural economies

Olympia… On Wednesday the Senate passed the Economic Revitalization Act, a  bill designed to encourage economic growth in rural communities. This is the first bill sponsored by Sen. Shelly Short to pass the Senate since she was appointed 7th District senator on Feb. 1.

“Rural economies have been slow to recover.  Oftentimes, one-size-fits-all state laws and regulations create unnecessary roadblocks to job creation in our communities,” said Short, R-Addy. “This law simply allows rural communities the flexibility to consider job creation in their overall growth strategy.”

Senate Bill 5790  would provide rural counties and cities more flexibility under the Growth Management Act. It would allow counties and cities to adjust development plans to boost economic growth in times of economic deterioration.

The legislation also would allow counties to provide for job creation and economic development in their comprehensive plans and require the Growth Management Hearings Board to consider local elected officials’ economic-development decisions when their communities face economic hardship.

Short added, “I am proud that my first bill to pass the Senate would reduce barriers to growing our local economies and bring jobs back to rural Washington.”