Senate passes Short bill to control noxious weed cost

OLYMPIA…Yesterday, the Senate passed legislation that would allow local noxious weed boards to recover the cost of work performed on state land.

“Lack of state action to control noxious weeds on state lands is burdensome on adjacent landowners, local weed boards and our counties,” said Sen. Shelly Short, R-Addy. “This bill makes sure that local property owners don’t have to foot the bill for weed control on state owned lands.”

Senate Bill 5754 would allow our counties to recover costs from the state for noxious weed control on state lands. Currently, state law allows counties to take action to control noxious weeds at the cost of the landowner when the landowner does not. However, when the state is the landowner, the county cannot recover the cost. This bill will allow a county to place a lien on the state land and collect the cost it spent to control the noxious weeds.

Short added, “We should all strive to be better neighbors. The private land owner doesn’t get to pass off responsibilities to their neighbor – the state shouldn’t either.”